Artist Statement


Artist Statement

Central to my work is conveying the beauty and spirit of people and places in a simple, yet vibrant and modern way. 

In a world complicated by technology, and one in which we are inundated by information and news, the artist must demand the viewer's attention. I use solid areas of bold colors to make that demand yet strive to keep it simple. 

My painting style consists of building flat, solid areas of color, similar to the "no drip" technique of leading POP artists. While some art critics initially condemned Warhol's style and other POP artists for removing the artist's hand from their work, I believe my "no drip" paintings are distinctive and clearly convey whatever emotions my subjects hold, sweet or bitter, joyful or sad.
Often I've been commissioned to do a painting from a family snapshot taken many years ago. I will paint from small 4" X 6" black and white photos, and enjoy the freedom to add color and design elements that ultimately lend a contemporary and artistic flair.

Please reach out for inquires on how I can utilize your favorite cherished photo, and create a personalized portrait or illustration for your home.