I love art and design, especially portraiture. Yet like an actor who doesn't want to be typecast, I find I'm constantly embarking on new challenges. Frankly, I admire artists who push themselves to advance their art and aren't afraid of experimenting or failing. For me, creating art is more about expressing oneself through a medium, than simply gaining technical skills. It's about taking many risks, working long hours on something where the outcome is unknown, and not being afraid to show what one is about.

So what am I about? 

After earning a bachelor's degree in Studio Art, I spent most of my career writing and designing advertising and marketing communications. I loved it and still provide creative services to companies and individuals on a freelance basis. It's fun to package information and images into a cohesive, meaningful communication that meets the needs of a client. Plus I can use my copywriting, graphic design, typography, photography, and digital illustration skills to develop a piece from start to finish.

But for the past several years, I have also worked on new paintings (many were commissioned) and went back to college to learn the art of silkscreen printing and drawing on the computer to further explore working with flat areas of color and defined shapes. While I still use traditional methods (drawing on paper and painting on canvas) to portray a subject, I also use computer programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) to create or inform several pieces. 

No matter the subject, I always try to keep things simple, yet push myself to advance my art, design, and communications efforts. It's the journey, and seeing my work evolve, that keeps me going.